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Details of computing facilities at Trinity College and Oxford University including instructions for connecting a computer to the university network are here:

Instructions for printing to one of the college network printers are here:

A particular problem that has appeared in recent years is that of peer-2-peer file sharing. University regulations which all students sign up to expressly forbid the use/participation in any file sharing network. Software such as BitTorrent, limewire and (many) others is BANNED. Such software may not even be installed on any machine that is connected to any part of the University network. If you have been using such software at home it must be completely uninstalled before coming to Oxford. The penalties for violation include immediate disconnection, fines and (very rarely) expulsion. So far only 2 students in the whole University have ever been expelled for peer-2-peer file sharing abuse. Dont be next! The College and University operate a zero tolerance policy towards this regulation.

Easy instructions for installing Sophos auto-updating anti-virus software are here:
This is VERY important. Catching a virus will get your machine disconnected from the network. It is a college requirement that your computer has Auto-Updating anti-virus software installed. Sophos is provided and will auto-update for the rest of your time here. Note: you should uninstall any other anti-virus package (eg, norton) before installing sophos. You should never have 2 anti-virus packages installed on the same computer at the same time.

Getting an account on and connecting to the college student file server from your computer:

The Remote Desktop Service:
This allows any trinity student to get access to a trinity computer workstation remotely (including through the web). This means that during vacations students can easily access restricted Oxford Only websites and journals such as OxLIP or the Exam Paper Archive (OXAM). There is no need for VPN software to be installed. Just remember this simple web address and you are in.

Details of how to signup for evening meals in hall are here as Word File or PDF

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